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Quick response codes are the fastest and easiest way to reach your customers via mobile.

Quick response code generation is free. But more and more savvy companies are realizing that a code leading to a non-mobile friendly webpage is a turnoff for consumers, with no engagement or value.

MixMobi powers your QR code with more value, more engagement and more lead generation, delighting both clients and their target audiences.

Every time you generate a MixMobi offer, we generate a unique QR code for use in any publication, poster, flyer, promotion product, or business card. Clients even use them on billboards!

Already have existing QR codes, but want to link to more effective content? MixMobi’s Redirect feature allows you to use any QR code including Microsoft Tags.

What is a QR Code?

Scan the above image for more information or visit Wikipedia to learn more

Haven’t scanned a QR code yet? Download a free reader like iScanDu and scan your first code. If you own a newer Android device, a QR code scanning application may already be installed on your smartphone.