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If your customer's mobile device can access the web, it can view your MixMobi coupons, offers and more.

Most newer mobile devices also include a QR code reader. For those customers who don’t have a QR reader, there are many easily downloadable choices. For example, customers can go to iScanDu on their mobile device to have the appropriate software downloaded.

List Builder Lead Generation

Everyone wants more opt-ins and leads generated. MixMobi List Builder allows you to build multi-part forms with commonly requested fields like name, phone number and email, as well as highly flexible custom fields ideal for:

“Send me information” lead generation (see a sample)

Conference or webinar registration (see a sample)

Opt in to receive email newsletter (see a sample)

Embedded video

Why link out to YouTube where your audience will see videos about competing products and services?

Keep them on your mobile page before, during and after watching your video using MixMobi’s embedded YouTube feature. (see a sample)

Location information

Instantly generate map, directions and one-click dial phone number for your store location (see a sample)