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Customers like deals and MixMobi lets you put them in their hands today!

Reach out with MixMobi through QR codes, social media, email, or text messaging (SMS)...whatever your customers prefer.

Better yet, you can easily clone a MixMobi offer to produce an exact duplicate and then deploy each clone to a different venue (QR and SMS or Twitter and Facebook or QR and email) to see which brings more response.

MixMobi’s analytics let you know in minutes how each clone is performing. And you can chart the performance of one clone against another to see what effect time of day has on customer response.

“MixMobi’s QR codes are being used in a variety of ways at our restaurants to capture new group dining leads, build awareness of new menu items, promote in store events and engage with our guests.”

– Sarah Nerison, Social Media Marketing Manager, Parasole

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