About Us

Our Team

MixMobi is a privately funded startup headquartered in Minneapolis, MN. MixMobi was built in response to the three most frequent requests from customers wanting to participate in the rapidly growing mobile arena::

  • I want to create compelling, engaging mobile friendly web pages that work as offers, coupons, announcements – whatever I need
  • I want to be able to create them myself with my existing logo and photos on a moment's notice (without having to know anything about programming or CSS or HTML)
  • I need the ability to integrate mobile with my existing digital marketing vehicles

And the requests didn’t stop there. Every one of MixMobi’s growing number of features has come in answer to a customer need: List Builder, Embedded Video, automatic QR code generation. So what would you like to see in MixMobi? Let us know.

Our Stuff

Ruby on Rails

MixMobi was built using on Ruby on Rails Ruby on Rails (quoting from the website) is a popular open-source framework for building browser-based applications using the Ruby language. Rails encourages good software design by separating the elements that make up your data from their presentation. It lets a developer write easy to understand code by favoring convention over configuration, leading to better long-term application maintainability. Ruby and Rails also have a great community behind them, making writing for the language fun and collaborative.


We host this site with Heroku Heroku is a platform for instant deployment of Ruby/Rails web apps with near-instant scalability.

Your Data

Your data is backed up via the Heroku platform via machine snapshots of the entire application including source code and the database. Multiple versions of these backups are automatically stored on the Amazon S3 platform and are available for quick restores if needed.

To learn more about Heroku's platform, take a look at their specs.